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Why not deal directly with the builder/craftsman. No salesman, No middleman, direct expertise from planning, construction, trim-out, and completion. We are a local family owned building company and have been building/remodeling in this area for over 23 years. Ability means hands-on knowledge to make sure your project is completed with true craftsmanship. Our company will sit down with you and plan your dreams of building or improving your home with our in-house design services.
Norbert Pilz, owner and president, moved to Southwest Florida in 1989 with his wife of 35 years, Dawn and two children Nicholas and Sarah and has maintained Cape Coral as his home. Norbert is a well established businessman and craftsman with "hands on" experience with rough framing , finish carpentry , masonry , cabinet building and installation. He also can guide you in layout and design concepts.
Ability Construction Inc. has expertise in complete and selective demolition for any type of remodeling.
With all projects, new or re-build , we are always in touch with fine details to maintain cost efficiency and quality. We have the resources for energy efficiency, saving our customers hundreds of dollars in energy costs . Ability was one of the first companies to work with and install the components for the "Good Cents Program " with Lee County Electric Co..
We have completed projects abandoned by other builders and can complete any unfinished property. First off securing the property and then bringing it to salable condition.
Every builder uses subcontractors and material suppliers. These entities are just as important of a referral as our last customer; how good we work together is key to your project flowing smoothly. Contact local and state jurisdictions for our experience and competency.
Working with the SW Florida building departments and local subcontractors, we have the knowledge and report to complete any project in a timely, competitive manner.

ABILITY CONSTRUCTION INC. a State Certified Building Contractor Lic#CBC057904


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